Craig Hahn 
​​​​master styliscolorist
​​ Celebrating 35 years in the beauty industry
You've been to a few salons. You've looked at countless​​
"inspirational" photos online. You've also probably taken
quite a few selfies, in a variety of lighting conditions, trying
to make a decision for "your best hair."
​​  Have a seat in my chair and let's make the magic begin.
Always a one-on-one experience... from the neck up, I've got you covered. 
I offer conservative classic styling with a fashion forward sensibility. My texture-centric approach to modern hair design comes from my philosophy that amazing texture and color are the hallmarks of great hair.
For those of you seeking solutions for thinning or aged hair, or if you are seeking to improve skin texture or other issues, I stand ready to offer a pathway to successful resolve. My role as a beauty advisor has included
many years of product research and study of the skin and hair. What you
use and how you use it will maximize your results. Anti-aging for both hair and skin plays a major role in the beauty industry today and I can help you adjust your regimen so you can eliminate the debris field of unwanted products on your vanity. Let the conversation begin!  

The Original...The Best!

Contact me for a consultation or an appointment. Nothing beats great texture. We can even add body to your hair.